Motherhood In Motion



Food. All kinds. All ways.

How can we heal ourselves with food? This section reviews food as medicine. From teas and tinctures to soups and steaks. we go IN and discover the best foods for any ailment as well as foods that make us all warm inside,


The glow up.

All about the internal and external glow up. We explore black women’s relationships with psychotherapy, physical activity and self-care.


This Post-Partum Life- W.O.A.

W.O.A. is an acronym for my children’s names. Winter, Omari and Asha. Here i’ll be taking you on my journey post partum and what life is like with three children ages 4, 18 months and 2 months old. Life often feels like WHOA! I just cut the “H” out but you get the point.