Whats A “Mother Wound”

A mother is often our first teacher. Mothers are where children initially feel safe and secure (the womb). It is my fundamental belief that very few mothers intend to hurt their children. There will be mistakes made as is life and stones turned but very few mothers seek out to wound their children. This still hasn’t stopped it from happening and it probably wont ever stop. Plainly put mother wounds are the unseen attacks on children from mother to child. These wounds are inflicted upon children via the direct actions of the mother. The mother is generally unaware that she is inflicting said pain upon the child. This pain is often masked as discipline, tough love, guidance and in some cases tradition.

If your mother was overly critical, unapproving, passive aggressive, unavailable, codependent, controlling or pessimistic chances are you have an unhealed mother wound. This very same mother wound may be showing up in you as you have extreme difficulty trusting others, you are overly critical of yourself, you have trouble verbally expressing yourself (positive or negative feelings), you may downplay your needs in hope of being loves and accepted and lastly you are constantly comparing yourself to others (achievements, attractiveness, wealth etc).

In therapy we will work towards re-parenting your younger self and making her feel loved, protected and valuable. We’ll work on creating healthy boundaries, developing a threshold for emotional limits, managing your emotional reactivity and providing you with the skills to begin making choices in your own best interest and preventing that mother wound from spilling out onto generations after you.