3 Real Life Affirmations for PostPartum Moms

What is an affirmation? In the simplest terms its a phrase or even a word you repeat to yourself to assist in creating a positive outlook on your day or a particular situation. Affirmations historically can be found and traced back to ancient eastern religions. These affirmations were ORIGINALLY known as mantras and they were mostly used by Buddhists. Mantras are religious, poems or sayings that are chanted over and over during meditation. Affirmations as we know them today have a long history in the space of self help.


I've created three powerful affirmations for new moms to remind you of the power your already posses. 


1. I honor myself first by loving and respecting my body.

2. This too shall pass.

3. I deserve to eat and shower too.


I know the last one may leave you scratching your head but as any experienced or fairly new mom can tell you, eating and showering become last on the list to do. Remember to be kind to yourself. Taking care of you is not a crime, but instead a requirement.