Frequently Asked Questions

Is online
therapy right for me?

Why Don’t you have a physical office location?

I enjoy the ability to be flexible in my practice and private life. Online therapy allows me to work with clients from all over the state of New Jersey no matter where they are located. I removed the barrier of having a physical office space so that my services are accessible for moms anywhere in New Jersey. As long as my clients have an internet connection that is safe and secure they can receive the benefits of therapy.

Are you seeking a Black female therapist?

If you are, you’re in the right spot! Therapy is a concept our community (black and brown people) are warming up to. We now see several mainstream actors discussing the importance of mental health and seeking treatment. The issue is finding therapy providers that look like us. People that understand and can address generational trauma caused by racism and how it impacts our mental health. Therapy is hard enough, finding a therapist that creates content and treats ALL parts of you shouldn’t be. You don’t have to wait for a seat on the figurative therapy couch, I’ve created one for you.

Why would someone choose online therapy instead of traditional therapy services?

Online therapy is convenient. Schedule an appointment from your phone, tablet or computer. Online therapy is private. No weird office run ins and you can do it from your bed in your pajamas if you need to. A core component to my practice is efficacy. Does online therapy work just as good as in person therapy? Research studies conducted by the Telemental Health Institute indicate that telemental health is equivalent to face to face care in various settings and is an acceptable alternative.

Can we use Facetime or Skype for our sessions?

No. I use a platform that is HIPPA Complaint. HIPPA compliance is required with mental health and telemental health. Once we establish you are ready for online therapy, I'll send you the details and a link to a secure platform where we can communicate and ensure there are no breaches of private and sensitive information. 

Can you give me therapy if I live outside of New Jersey or outside of the United States?

Social Work licensing is independently regulated state by state. New Jersey does not have reciprocity with any other states. In order for me to provide therapy in another state, I would need to be licensed in the state my client lives in. At this time I am exclusively licensed in the State of New Jersey and can only provide psychotherapy services in New Jersey.