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Welcome to Motherhood In Motion affectionately referred to as MIM. MIM was founded by Alece Coleman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I am a psychotherapist navigating the worlds of mental health and wellness. I created this space to offer therapy online and create content that shifts the focus from baby to mama. Women from marginalized communities are welcome in this space. Motherhood has a way of isolating women from social activities, career exploration and self-care. Therapy can help you regain your sense of self. You no longer have to wonder if therapy is for you. I created this space specifically with you in mind. Grab a laptop, cell phone or I-pad and lets log in…

Post Partum Issues

I completed training at the Seleni Institute for Perinatal Mood Disorders aka post partum depression, anxiety and psychosis. Our Mommy issues often stem from biology (hormones) a lack of support after delivering our babies and a host of other social, environmental and health issues. Here we discuss life after having your baby. What they told you, what you didn’t know and everything I’ve learned.

Mommy Issues

What type of relationship do you have with your mother? A mother is a child’s first teacher. Lots of us struggle with relationships with other women in our lives, that first struggle between women is usually the mother/daughter relationship. Here we talk about our childhoods, what kind(s) of mother we have and how it impacts the way we love, hurt, heal and reveal. We discuss the need to mother ourselves and examine how women have been “mothering” since the beginning of time and how that affects us present day.


Food, body movement and spirituality are all apart of wellness care. We’ll be talking everything from supplements, food choices, exercise and environmental factors that contribute to wellness and can make our lives better. A special focus will highlight women owned businesses who can provide these products and or services.


Online Therapy

Why therapy online? Benefits? Risks? Is it weird? Let’s clear up any questions you may have about engaging in therapy online.


 “We’ve recently began to peel off the layers of racial disparities birthing while black but who is talking about black women’s mental health after giving birth?”

-Alece Coleman MSW LCSW